Rocket Empires is a turn based strategy game. Players send fleets to conquer worlds with the ultimate goal of controlling the galaxy. Rocket Empires is based on an old Apple ][ game that I played with my brother when I was a kid. The Apple ][ was a great system, but nowadays I need a more convenient platform to play games against my brother. So I created a faithful web version of the game, playable with just a browser and no downloads required.

I don't expect this game will ever be popular, but everyone is welcome to create an account and start playing. Most of the games are set to update once every 24 or 36 hours, so be sure to login everyday to take your turn. Rocket Empires still has a few kinks to work out, so if you run into a bug, or if you have a suggestion for an improvement, please email support]at[rocketempires.com.

Need help learning how to play? Read the tutorial.

If you have any questions, please email support]at[rocketempires.com.

RocketEmpires hosts a server for the classic web game, Stellar Crisis. Play now at sc.rocketempires.com.